Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reman Warbird

The Reman Warbird is one of the rarest ships in all of flash trek it took me a long time to figure out were you can by it. The Reman Warbird can be bought at a Reman Starbase that is found south west of the planet Remus. Be very careful the station can cloak so try to go there when it fighting in the middle of a war (when stations fight they cant cloak neither can ships) or get a device that forces cloaking devices to uncloak. Random fact: The Reman Warbird was made to free Remus from the Romulan Empire but failed because the hidden project was discovered (The Remus Warbird comes with a cloaking device.
The base were the warbird is sold

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  1. where is it exactly directions i have used a decloking device but still cannot find it help someone please